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School is out!  Many of you will be spending your summer resting and making plans for next year - new books, new ideas, new programs.  

That is just what I am doing, as well.  School is out for me, as I have completed my final “What’s New in Children’s Literature” presentation.  It has been a joy and a privilege for me to share so many books and so many ideas for so many years with so many enthusiastic librarians, teachers, and parents.  What a reward to know that what I share is used by you with so many young readers.  I have truly been fortunate in being able to do what I have loved for so many years - reading and sharing books and ideas, and motivating others to read and share, as well.

Now, I am making plans for my next adventure.  I will be working in the outdoors, developing and sharing ideas with kids relating to the unique desert environment and its preservation  - “Trail Titles” is definitely a part of that program.   I am developing programs to bring authors to readers in areas where kids do not have that opportunity.  I am working with the public library to become a liaison with the local school district to increase the value of that partnership.  I am also going to be doing some webinars about my favorite new books, and writing some curriculum guides - watch for them.  So, of course, I am reading.  My life is quite full, and I am very enthusiastic about the many new directions it is taking.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the years.  You have enriched my life in many ways;  I only hope that I have been able to return the favor in some small measure.  I wish you all many, many good books and great opportunities for sharing them with young readers.


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May 2014

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"This workshop should be mandated by school districts for all elementary librarians.As long as I am a librarian I will attend Peggy Sharp's workshops each and every year! Thank you for a wonderful day."

- Julie Morgan, Librarian